Library Management System


Library AutomationManaging a library is a labour intensive and time consuming activity. Library Management System makes library management easy and less time consuming. The librarian can easily use this system to catalogue books and maintain records of issued, reissued and overdue books. The system also captures date of issue and return.

Utilities and Integration

Further, librarians can use the system to create an inventory and specify a book's location within racks. They can also configure books issue related rules such as the type of books to be issued by a certain grade students, the number of books to be issued and the time for which the books are borrowed.

Bar code integration, an option available with the College Management System, makes borrowing books easy and error free for everyone.

Library SoftwareKey Features

  • Acquisition
  • Cataloging
  • Library Members Entry Form
  • Circulation
  • OPAC
  • Contains the stock detail of library, i.e. whether book is available or issued
  • Provides the facility to add new book in the record of library, giving each book a unique id.
  • Has the sub module to issue the book to student or staff of the school
  • Same is the sub module to take back the book returned by the student/staff
  • Also maintains the individual student staff record i.e. who is having that book & how many books a particular student/staff is having and the details of those book
  • Overdue Follow-up and Recalls
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