About Us

VISIONet Info Solution Pvt Ltd is the world’s leading e-Learning solutions provider and is proud to have 1500+ delighted clients.

Ever since its inception in 1996, the success story of VISIONet's earliest projects inspired us to look at the educational scenarios in India in a more global perspective, to empower it holistically in e-learning and beyond.

The in-house, indigenous and proprietary eLearning technology is an outcome of the outstanding management team with highly qualified academic and technical experts to meet the relevant, timely, pertinent, responsive and rapidly changing needs and demands of the learners.

Furthermore, we have successfully executed the eLearning projects for : States of Technical Education Boards ,Schools, Polytechnics, Colleges & Vocational Institutes and Defence.

The vision of VISIONet is to provide - ‘One Country One Platform ‘.

Our dream is to bring teacher, students, educationalist and technology & content providers and entrepreneurs on a single centralized platform. In order to create the one stop solution for all the digital education needs and deliver this (Digital Education) to the remote areas free of any charges.

To address these needs, we have developed www.skylearning.in, The Education Networking platform integrated with 25 offline and online services.

ICT solution Digital Lecture Studio- It incorporates Digital Classroom, Live Classroom (Broadcast lecture) , Virtual Classroom & Web Conferencing provides any time any where learning.

Management Information System (MIS) to automate the diverse operations of an educational institution from management, classes, exams to academic events calendar on a single platform.

Largest Offline & Online curriculum based -LR’s Library of more than 800 courses, 52989 Lectures for IT, engineering, management, medical , vocational , soft-skills and school.

The Educationalist and Behavioral experts at VISIONet have evolved offline & Online ‘Therapy Based Language Teaching System’ . The therapies act as the skeleton of the Language Lab technology. There are 8 Professional English teaching courses divided into three levels -Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate & Advanced. Till date combining both the Govt. as well as private, benefiting more than 16, 02,400 students. User’s satisfaction levels continue to be extremely high, as good as 4.6 out of 5.